WAVwatch FAQ's

WAVwatch Sound Therapy FAQ's

How do I know what frequencies to play?

You select the frequencies based on your symptoms or what health problems you have been diagnosed with. The WAVwatch adds another layer of non-invasive, drug-free ideas for self-care. Use common sense.

Where should I start?

The WAVwatch has 850 health issues programmed in the device. Most diseases are created by inflammation. Inflammation that is left unaddressed will develop into a disease or chronic illness that will cause pain. So we suggest everyone start with the Inflammation, Pain, Trauma combo setting first and then follow-up with a specific setting for the issue that they want to address.

What if I play the wrong frequencies?

Relax, we are bombarded with all kinds of acoustical frequencies all day long. Does it harm your body if you listen to a song that you don’t like or doesn’t resonate with you? You might not sing along with it; no harm done.  If you like the song it can change your mood and your day; just like a frequency set that your body reacts too. We may remember experiments with sonic frequencies…that is not the same idea. The speaker is very small; subtle frequencies may be more helpful that loud frequencies. Maybe it’s a small change or maybe it’s life changing. 

Is the WAVwatch connected to the internet?

The WAVwatch is not connected to the internet where highly coherent, synthetic EM fields interfere with the body’s signaling processes. They literally alter the DNA in harmful ways according to many studies.  Your body is absorbing acoustical frequencies through the skin when wearing the WAVwatch. These frequencies do not have to be heard through your ear.

How do I charge the WAVwatch?

Your WAVwatch Sound Therapy device comes with a micro USB charging cable that can be plugged into you cellphone charging block. Do not charge your WAVwatch via your laptop USB port or it may damage your device.

How often do I charge my WAVwatch?

The WAVwatch’s battery will run for an average 6 hours then it will need to be fully charged. The runtime will vary depending on the volume that you play the WAVwatch. The suggested volume for cellular absorption is 4-6, but if you run the volume higher at 10 to 16 then the runtime will shortened to 3-4 hours.

Which hand do I wear the WAVwatch on?

Some people wear their watch on the right hand and some wear their watch on the left hand .The left side of the body is often regarded as the feminine side, the receiving side, where you take in. It represents, among other things, the mother. The right side of the body is often regarded as the masculine side, the giving-out side, where you express. So the left wrist is suggested for absorption of the WAVwatch frequencies.

Can I place the WAVwatch on parts of my body?

Scientific research shows that the WAV’s (Wave and Vibration Frequencies) emitting from the WAVwatch Therapy device are absorbed by the cells and transmitted cell to cell throughout the body. Therefore if you are focusing on a specific issue like the liver it would be beneficial to place the watch directly over the organ area.

How does the WAVwatch Sound Therapy work?

The WAVwatch is using specific acoustical frequencies that have been measured starting in the 1920’s. Newer technology has allowed us to add these frequencies to a wrist band. Studies from Denmark are shedding light on the theory that the bodies nerve impulses may not be electrical. The Neils Bohr School of Physics is proving that nerves impulses could be sound impulses. The world’s first sound frequency watch is definitely the WAV of the Future.

Will the WAVwatch Sound Therapy work for me?

In the book The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing, the author, Jonathan Goldman, stated that “ he expected sound could easily change about 70% of the problems it was being used for.” So far, WAVwatch testimonies seem to be meeting or exceeding that percentage. Please email us at info@wavwatch.com with any testimonies so that we can add to our learning curve and data base.

Why are there different amounts of frequencies listed?

Great news! As the product developed we were able to expand the internal memory to 128 GB and add more frequencies to the WAVwatch.

My watch is asking for a password and I didn’t set one.

Somehow you have touched a few extra buttons. You may have to type in 0000 to get off that screen. Then go to Settings, and touch Password Switch, then make sure the OFF button is highlighted. If the ON button is selected, it will always ask for a password.

Can I replace the wrist band?

Yes, select a 22 mm Fitbit Versa style. Easy to do. release the metal pin and pull away from watch. To add a wristband, just put the pin into the corresponding holes/slots on the back and then release the pin. You may hear a little click. Pull on wrist band to make sure it seated correctly in the slots.

What If I don’t feel a change?

Thirty minutes was the time used for most of the testimonies.  If something will change you may have a reaction in that time period or overnight.  If you have no change, rethink other ideas that could be connected with the problem and plays those codes also. There is no guarantee. These 4 – 20,000 Hz frequencies are considered experimental.

If you select the Colds & Flu set, you are getting many frequencies in the 30 minutes time. But you could also play a bacteria set and a virus set to round out your protection. You might only play one or two times.

Some sets will need to be run 1-2 times a week.  The Toenail Fungus set can be played for several months until the toenails grow out.  Lyme Disease sets could be run weekly for long term protection. 

Several people that used frequency sets for joint pain noted that it stayed gone for about 3 weeks, then gradually settled back in. You will make the decision when to play the same frequencies again.

Does this cause any reactions?

Every person is different. A few people have had diarrhea or nausea. They had played the same frequency set for many hours. Use common sense and rotate frequencies settings. One person had tried several different modalities for tinnitus in one day and seemed to have worse tinnitus problems afterwards. I suggest adding the EMF Detox and Radiation Detox for support for hearing problems. But approximately 99% of people have had no reactions.

Where did these frequencies come from?

Sound has always been used for healing. Australia had didgeridoos, Native Americans and many other cultures had drumming, chanting is a worldwide phenomenon. Tibetian singing bowls, giant gongs and tuning forks are experiencing a revival.

What is the best time and ways to use the WAVwatch Sound Therapy?

Please use the watch when you can be relaxed without a lot of movement, watching TV, napping, driving long distances or reading a book. The watch is not waterproof. Avoid when playing sports! Adjust the band so that it fits snugly on your wrist and the speaker on the back is close to your skin. Your body can then absorb frequencies better. The sound can be adjusted to #4 using the middle button on the side. It does not have to blare, but you should be aware that it is playing or has shut itself off. Your body absorbs frequencies through your left hand and releases them through your right hand. Drink plenty of water when using, but don’t get it in water. Again, it is not waterproof, so a warranty is advised.