Testimonials of How the WAVwatch is Changing Lives

Real People, Real Results! The WAVwatch is truly changing lives through Self Care. WAVwatch Therapy uses Sound Wave and Vibrational variable frequencies that travel through the skin, muscle and nerve tissue to help your body address over 800 health issues that we struggle with daily. The WAVwatch sound therapy device can help address Pain, Inflammation and Trauma along with hundreds of other common health concerns.

I’m amazed and grateful

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 2, 2023

Arthritis, insomnia, back pain, anxiety.

Some may be skeptical..I definitely understand. But for me, I felt relief quickly. I slept through the night for the first time in 3 weeks. Maybe it depends on how hypersensitive an individual is to all elements? I honestly don’t know. But it works for me!!!! I’m beyond relieved and very pleased with the results. Grateful!


This technology is a miracle!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 2, 2023

It has helped me with pain so many times, i had shoulder pain and randomly tried the Carpal Tunnel setting and it takes care of it every time. It has completely taken care of my acid reflux problem and my friend’s sciatica. My brother who is on meds for bi -polar swears it helps him feel better and has taken care of his tremors. Highly recommend every household has one!

Julie Christesen

It's a marvelous watch.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
December 2, 2023

I received it last week and have used it every minute without involving water. I have more energy ,less pain when walking about, getting up and down. I’ve lost two inches from around my waist!

Gail Lyon


Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 2, 2023

For longer than I remember I would wake up on cue from 1 am or later. I then learned that the Chinese long ago had found out that if you wake up between 1 and 3 am regularly, you should look to your liver. So I went to “liver balance” and ran it for maybe 2 hours tops. That night I got to sleep very quickly but when I woke up in the night, I hardly even woke up but turned over and out like a light, just long enough to look at the clock!

I have had 5 nights in a row with greatly improved sleep. How do you put a price on that?

Jerry Iverson


Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 1, 2023

I’ve been praying for a solution to our health issues but I am such a skeptic and only bought the watch because my husband insisted. It has been an answered prayer for our household. We now have four watches for our family. Coach Jimmyk has always been there for any support we’ve needed. I bought one for myself due to a lot of neck pain and eye issues. Within one day the neck pain was gone. The second watch was for my son who has advanced PP MS. He was very negative after using the watch for a couple days. But now he is a believer. His left hand and wrist was paralyzed and he was full time in a wheelchair. He is 46 yrs old. After about one week he started getting feeling to his wrist and fingers and was getting out of the wheelchair for short walks. His balance is better. He has been more clear minded than before. He also suffered with swelling in his feet and legs and that also is gone. Thanks Coach Jimmyk.

Brenda Davis Cosby TN

Amazing for Arthritis

Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 11, 2023

I used to wake up not being able to move my painfully arthritic hands. I was amazed the first morning after using this watch when I could move my hands and there was no pain.


Amazing for sinus issues

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 7, 2023

We have found the watch to be so helpful for sinus issues. It has really helped in the management of symptoms and pain.

Marla Hudson ODell

WAVwatch beats all other frequency devices I've bought!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 3, 2023

For over 20 years I have been enamored with healing devices. First investing in Rife Frequency Generators and SCENARs and later various PEMF and other frequency devices. But the WAVwatch beats anything I have ever bought. The convenience of being able to wear it and change it no matter where I am when I’m experiencing a health issue helps to make it the very best investment.

It has helped me with allergy attacks as I sat outside at a soccer game or when an attack would hit me in a movie theater! I experienced for months essential tremors before my doctor diagnosed me and I found that “tremors” on the WAVwatch would settle them down in less than a half hour. That made eating my dinner a little easier! Plus it’s been extremely helpful with various urinary tract issues – which have been almost a lifetime problem for me.

At 75 years old, I have many other health issues it has helped me with and decided I had to have 2 WAVwatches so that I could wear one to help me sleep better through the night.

I have enjoyed it so much that over many months, I gifted 15 watches to family members and close friends. As you can tell, I think everyone would be healthier with a WAVwatch in their lives.

Patricia Victor

Cronic Kidney Disease Stage 3A

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 3, 2023

I was diagnosed several years ago with cronic kidney disease stage 3a.

I have had the Wavwatch about a week

I was feeling some back pain due to the kidney problem

After using the wavwatch my back pain is almost gone

The programs I used were the entire suite of kidney files

Jim Scattergood


Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 31, 2023

My left hand was the worst and has been having tremors for about 2 1/2 years, and within the last 2 months my right hand started to have tremors. Using the WAVwatch I ran the complete program for CIRCULATION, then I went to NERVES and ran that complete program. This was one of my main concerns when I purchased the WAVwatch and really did not have much faith it would help. I was quite amazed that within 2 days my right hand had no tremors at all and my left hand has just the slightest tremor remaining in the thumb. I am going to again run both programs for my left thumb. This is such a huge improvement, I am so excited, I can’t wait to start working on other issues I have. I do not consider myself computer savvy, but anyone can run the WAVwatch, it is very easy once you learn the steps. The package comes with an excellent guidebook on how to use. It is like watching mini-miracles happening right before your eyes and you are the one working the machine. It makes you feel so empowered, I am so blessed to have found this product. Revision: After I submitted this review, that evening I was reading a handwritten paper I had done as a rough draft and I was highlighting areas. As I was highlighting I saw out of the corner of my right eye my reading glasses were sitting on the table. I was amazed. I went to bed and this morning I went straight to that paper again to see if I could still read it without my reading glasses and I could. I just have to add this to my experience. Evidently the circulation and nerve programs affected my vision also. The point I want to make is if I had selectively chosen 3 of the circulation to run and 2 of the nerve to run, this might not have happened. Just run the whole program no matter what you are trying to cure, that would be my recommendation from my experience. Also, every body part is affected with circulation and nerves; therefore I believe everybody should run these two complete programs. They are long, put your watch on early in the morning and start circulation and if you wait until the next day to run the total nerve program, that is fine. In closing I would say focus on one issue at a time and do complete programs for that issue.

Kathleen Holmes

Pain Relief

After two bad truck wrecks I had nagging to intense pain in back. The WAVwatch prototype helped with back pain.  Used frequencies for back, joints, muscles and trauma. The trauma seemed to be the main frequency that helped. Frank – Missouri

 I had a large boil on side of jaw…I ran frequencies for spider bites, abscess, boil, trauma. Improved tremendously! Luci – Missouri

My left leg has hurt bad enough that I would cry when walking to the doctor.  Doctor appointments are $170 and chiropractor sessions were $45 many times for the last two years.  My hands and neck are stiff. My leg quit throbbing within 5 minutes of the session for bursitis and two hours later, still no pain.  My neck loosened up and my hands feel less inflamed and moved more freely. I am excited about this new technology….it would have saved me lots of money.  Debbie – Colorado

A 25-minute arthritis treatment seemed to loosen hands and finger joints.  Dental treatment eased some of pain in teeth as I had just had 4 pulled. Russ – Colorado

I came in with Achilles heel and had knots in the calf muscle and aching in the heel.  After treatment (wearing the watch prototype) the aching is gone and the knots almost gone. Patricia – Missouri

Neck and shoulder pain gone, feel more alert without the pain.  Low back pain gone. Right shoulder (frozen shoulder injury 10 years ago) improved but feel more time would be helpful.  Sinuses are clear. Christine – Missouri

Within 5 minutes I could feel sinuses draining.  Within 10 minutes, knees were tingling & cooling sensation like ice packs on my knees.  Pain sitting down and pain getting up. After treatment: no pain to sit and stand! Sara – Kansas 

I feel awesome, neck & back feel 100% better. (I have had neck pain for 36 years that is now gone.)  Hips are looser. I can’t wait to see how long it lasts. Would like to come back for more. Also see video. Kathy – Indiana 

I played the whole Cancer Pathogen file just letting the watch cycle through. During the Epstein Barr Virus set I got an intense stabbing in both thumbs and wrists for about 20 seconds. Unusual…but then the next day all my arthritis in that area was completely gone and has stayed gone for 4 months. Linda Sue, Colorado

I have a pain in my shoulder joint and scapula that has bothered me for 18 years. It is an aggravating pain. Within 20 minutes of wearing the watch my pain was down to less than a 1 level. Donna – Kansas

I used the watch prototype for neck pain, but really didn’t feel anything change.  The next morning, I noticed the swelling in my knee was gone. It was severe enough I could hardly pull my pants over the knee for two months.  I used the inflammation settings. Interesting! Jim – Missouri

I walked in with knee pain, waddled like a duck. In 15 minutes on watch prototype and frequencies and I’m a new person!   My posture improved immediately, and I could turn on a dime. Four years of continuous pain GONE!!! I am estatic! (I had knee surgery 4 years ago which had not helped and was going to a doctor the next day to see about doing more surgery!)  Tammy – MIssouri

A big thanks for the frequency treatment you tried on me.  As the day went on and I drove home – I truly believe my right hand and wrist are more relaxed and I could feel some tingling while the watch was on me.  I would wear one all the time when you have them done. I WANT ONE! Renee – Kansas

Felt heat, then burning tingling over top of hands & fingers.  More tingling with lymph support frequencies on watch that moved into both hands. At end of twenty minute trauma code, could move my head better than for about two weeks.  Christine – Missouri (Accident with horses as a teenager triggered trauma in body).  

I could tell that my knees felt better in just a short time and my wrist also felt better. (Broken hand/wrist and arthritis problems).  Gary – Kansas

After my session, my foot pain went from an 8 to a 4.  I hardly notice it now after my 2nd session, only a 0-1 pain.  Have had right foot pain at instep for a long time due to past trauma.  Ellene – Kansas 

After about 35 minutes my pain in my shoulders went from intense to tolerable.  I definitely felt relief. Jerry – Kansas

Before I came in, I was experiencing knee pain due to a strain and had pain when bearing weight. After 30 minutes with the WAVwatch, my knee felt better and I had a greater range of motion. Arielle, Kansas

I have had back pain for many months. Back feels 90% better in a few minutes. I am looking forward to getting my WAVwatch! Thank you! Eugenia

After using the watch I felt a little tired and nauseous. My sinuses did drain and felt pressure relief. Well worth it. My ear also had pressure relief as well as drainage…I had been having lots of trouble with ears. Christi, Missouri

Put the watch on for hip pain and within 10 minutes pain gone! Also tried the general dental frequency and could feel it go to my jaw and felt something working in that area.

Breast Health & Hormones

I had a dense quarter sized lump in breast. There is a warm tingle up my arm shoulder, neck and breast using benign breast lump frequency.  After sitting for about 30 minutes, I  have to look and push to find it ( lump).   It was so apparent that I was scheduled for a biopsy two weeks from today.  I will be canceling my surgery.  I am VERY grateful and AMAZED. Also see video testimony.  Erin – Kansas

I am taking bio-identical hormones which are causing breast tenderness, especially in my left breast.  After thermography, images showed a great amount of redness in left breast area and surrounding. After using the WAVwatch for 30 minutes, which was set up to address the hormones in my body, I noticed no breast tenderness, especially in my left breast.  Another thermogram was completed and it also showed a significant less amount of redness or inflammation. Most significant to me is I’m feeling no breast tenderness, it had been aching for over a month. (Also see thermogram images.) Sandra – Missouri  

I wore the watch for a breast lump for 30 minutes and didn’t feel any different. Arleta, Missouri

We took a picture and felt size of lipoma (I had had for 20-25 years) before wearing watch. Lipoma started to get smaller after 10 minutes. Also felt tightness in neck as puffiness went down from top to bottom. Update: It did come back. I have had a second WAVwatch session and it did not seem to affect it this time. I will come back though….who knows. Janet, Kansas

The first thing I felt was a worm-like movement in my right breast.  Later, gurgling in my lower stomach- my left hip lifted 2x slightly off the mat.  It felt like my lower bowels were sloshy – fluid movement. Very relaxing. (I had problems with IBS, colitis and bacteria.)  Janet – Kansas 

I was told I might have e-coli in my system.  When frequencies for e-coli played on the prototype, I felt this electrical like charge swoop from my stomach to my right breast and then squiggle throughout my breast and then zip out my shoulder.  When I learned that e-coli has now been connected to breast cancer- I was so thankful to have tried the watch prototype. Heidi- Kansas

I used the WAVwatch for 30 minutes on breast benign tumor setting.   The lump hadn’t changed in over 6 months.  While wearing the watch I felt burning (non-painful) in my breast.  Afterwards my lump changed from being like a hard almond to the touch of a tapioca pearl. Allison, MO

I used the frequencies for calcifications in the breast.  Didn’t feel anything and would not know until I have more testing done.  Interesting though.  Jama, KS

My hand first started to tingle, next I experienced a tingling kind of chill like feeling down my back and both side of upper back. Then I also noticed a difference in tongue, a numbness while playing Epstein Barr Virus frequency. With the second EBV frequency I felt tightening of both breasts where I had had cancer before. Gayle, Kansas

I have had chest breast pains for over two years. Sharp, sometimes throbbing deep pains. I used the WAVwatch and within the first day there was a noticable difference. The chest pain had become a daily occurence in my life, many days multiple times a day. After using the WAVwatch my pain had decreased to only two times in a week. Amy – Kansas

Kidney Stones

“I have had kidney stones previously and had one large one removed. I was told there were three smaller ones left although I was not in pain.  I wore the watch prototype and in 30 minutes my urine sample was thick, cloudy, almost milky like. I definitely think it did something!” – Heidi, Kansas

“There were 5 flecks (like a grain of sand or rice only flatter) in urine after less than 30 minutes wearing the watch. Just had a chiropractic treatment so couldn’t tell about any pain decrease, although I have definitely been having low back pain.” – Debbie, Missouri

“I did a thirty-minute watch session for kidney stones.  I felt a calm peace immediately and the pain lessened dramatically in 30 minutes.  I had chronic lower back pain and shoulder pain. Urine sample was very dark.” – Suzanne, Kansas

The session was painless and after session had ended, a urine sample showed a cloudiness with minute flecks which were multicolored.  The yellow color was unusual for me as I drink lots of water. I was not having any pain…just trouble with kidney stones previously. Sue – Kansas

During parts of the session for kidney stones, I felt energy waves in specific areas of my body.  During “calcifications” code, I also felt flushed and a bit sweaty on the chest and face. (A urine sample did not show any signs of kidney stones).  Jan – Missouri 

First five minutes I felt something going on in my left kidney area when it was set on kidney problems.  My right arm raised and lowered spontaneously at the same time. Kay – Missouri

After 2 1/2 days of pain meds and water in the hospital, I used the watch prototype for kidney stones. My pain was gone in 25 minutes and I didn’t need any pain pills. I had some small black flecks in first urine sample.   My doctors said that when the stones pass, I would be out of pain. I can hardly wait for the final product! Jeremy, Missouri

Update:  It has been several months since prototype session.  I have not had any more pain. 

Having kidney stone issues for 1 week.  Still having pain when returning to work.  Tried the WAVwatch prototype for 35 minutes and the pain was gone in my lower abdomen.  Checking urine sample: it was cloudy with debris floating around. Almost looked like the vinegar water I had been drinking….but it had been clear before the watch.   Suzette – Colorado.


I have had crickets and ringing in my ears for 25 plus years.  I was 50% better with a few minutes on the prototype. (Also see video.)  John – Kansas

Felt the ringing change ears.  (Switched from left to right). Not sure that day in the office if there were any tinnitus improvements.  Neck loosened up on tinnitus code that has been sore for years though. Yvette – Missouri

My video speaks for itself.  I felt my tinnitus go away in half an hour that I had had for years.  It seems about 90% better. See video. Nora – Kansas

I tried the watch prototype for about 4 hours for tinnitus.  I did not feel any changes. Don – Missouri

Tinnitus is about 75% improved after 40 minutes of my session.  Update – after second day tinnitus was maybe only a 50% improvement, after 30-40 years of tinnitus problems.  Nancy – Missouri.

Carpal Tunnel

My right hand goes numb and pain will shoot from wrist up to hand.  I have had this for 25 years. After 35 minutes on watch prototype my hand feels cooler up to the elbow.  (See thermogram images.) Update: The next morning my pain was gone except for a slight tingle in my fingers instead of the usual hour of numbness and tingling and shaking.  It stayed gone for about 3 weeks. When will the watch come out? Bren – Kansas 

I could feel tingling running up and down my hand wearing the watch and in a short session the numbness definitely improved.  The aching is less also. When the inflammation code played, I could feel it go across my forehead and my sinuses cleared. Leslie – Missouri  

Possible carpal tunnel-not diagnosed.  Cold, cold hands and numbness in hands in the morning.  I felt a lot of tingling and nausea during trauma codes.  I am very fascinated about the whole system and want to learn more.  I feel more circulation throughout my whole body.  Thank you.  Dana – Missouri

Gastrointestinal Issues

I felt like I needed to order diapers.  The urgency was so severe. After wearing the prototype for about 30 minutes for kidney problems, I have not had that problem again.   Linda – Kansas

I had had diarrhea for about 6 days off and on.  I wore that watch for a few minutes and I did not have another problem. I was back to normal my next bathroom visit.  Craig – Missouri 

Constipation is not my normal and I didn’t want to take anything for it and really didn’t know what to take.  I used the watch frequencies for 30 minutes and everything came out ok…. I will try that again if needed. Louise, Missouri

When I used the watch, I felt where the frequencies were targeting. It was an odd sensation but felt like something was changing for the better. The comparison from before to after, where was a clear change for the better. Working on pancreas. When virus was running I felt movement, shock energy in many parts of upper torso. Jessie, Minnesota

I woke up one morning with a large long loud burp about every 10 minutes. I had never had this strange problem before.  This went on for four hours. Then I remembered the watch. I set it on stomach problems. I belched once more and then it was gone!   Allen – Missouri

I have real trouble holding my urine especially after drinking water, I could feel slight electricity in my jaws, top of my lungs, an odor in my mouth – not taste, but smell.  Some sensation at various places on my head (frontally and near my ears). Within 10 minutes my thumb area was flaming red. Will have to see if incontinence improves. Janice – Missouri

I have noticed a gradual loss of urine and problems with swelling feet.   After using the watch prototype for around 30 minutes for kidney problems, my urine stream seemed better and the edema in my feet was much better.  Teckla – Missouri