WAVwatch Training & Support Videos

WAVwatch Training & Support Videos

Below are a variety of WAVwatch tutorial videos done by Coach Jimmy K. When you purchase from this website https://wavwatchtherapy.com/ you will have access to our weekly training webinars for life. Coach Jimmy K will help you learn how to get the maximum benefit from your WAVwatch therapy device. 

  • There’s no need to plug in headphones. Your body absorbs the waves and vibrations through a speaker on the back of the watch.
  • No need for fancy or added on equipment that gets in the way. The WAVwatch is one device.
  • The WAVwatch is a one-time payment and you keep it forever. We even offer warranties.
  • The natural sounds will move through your body to correct any imbalances. It’s acoustical sounds.
  • Over 1200+ parents, grandparents, students, and kids have had success with the WAVwatch.
  • Studies show that our bodies and minds react and absorb sounds to relax and help with pain.
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When you purchase your WAVwatch from our website or https://coachjimmyk.com/product/wavwatch-sound-therapy/ you will receive weekly invites to our exclusive private training webinars where we teach you how to get the best results with your WAVwatch. Coach Jimmy K also covers many other topics on Health and Wellness during these weekly webinars.

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